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  SÚrgio L. C. Guerreiro
Managing Director - Brazil
SÚrgio's career has spanned a range of diverse roles, viewing the industry from Client and Agency perspectives and earning him an enviable reputation as a highly talented and experienced creative thinker;
  • Marketing Director of Ford Motor Brazil
  • Partner of Lage, Stabel & Guerreiro 
  • President of Leo Burnett
  • Partner and President of Z+G Grey
  • Member of Grey's Latin American Board

Both agencies at which he was a partner were distinguished with highly coveted "Best Agency of the Year" awards. More recently at  Z+G he won several important pieces of new business for the Agency and worked closely with such multinational companies as Mercedes-Benz, Procter & Gamble, Bosch, Danone, Bayer and  Quaker,  moving quickly his agency to the top twelve in the country's ranking.

A graduate in Social Sciences (University of Sao Paulo), in Information Theory (University of Strasbourg) and in Advanced Marketing (University of New York), SÚrgio was for years a director of the prestigious CONAR (Advertising Self-Legislation Ethic Council) and of various cultural and musical institutions. Out of work, whenever not playing tennis, he can be found practicing stride piano, a rare and difficult jazz style.

SÚrgio and his team are a welcome addition to the AAI family and can be contacted at:

Telephone: +55 11 30 78 11 61