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AAI Mutual Decision™
Expert advice on choosing the right agency

AAI Evaluator
An advanced relationship management optimisation tool for diagnosis, evaluation and monitoring

AAI Troubleshooter
Rapid response relationship management in crisis situations

AAI Remunerator
Innovative performance-based remuneration solutions

AAI International Ad Management
Consultancy on building an optimum operating system based on our unrivalled international experience

AAI Training and Coaching
Tailor-made courses and workshops to support professional standards and spread best practice
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Read David Wethey's blog: Making Better Decisions Better! http://www.makingbetterdecisionsbetter.co.uk/ Marketing Society blog: http://blog.marketing-soc.org.uk/tag/david-wethey
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Working with Agency Assessments International
AAI are always impartial

Even today, the world of marketing communications is something of a "village", and one we know better than anyone. However, AAI was founded on the principle that clients value impartiality. We therefore have no agency 'registration' fees or reciprocal arrangements. We act on behalf of clients and approach the marketplace from a position of total neutrality.

For more than twenty years we've been advocating transparency and a more results-based remuneration system for agencies and it's no surprise that we use a transparent and simple way of remuneration ourselves.


How do we work with you?

> Assignments start with an initial briefing session.

> Subsequent to this meeting we'll prepare a quote based on an estimate of the cost of the time we'll spend on your assignment.

> Any expenses are charged at cost. Any over 250/€375 have to be cleared by you.


It's FREE to fill in our AAI profiler. Click here to download it.

David Wethey, Chairman

We value AAI's objectivity and complete impartiality to the agency marketplace, which ensures they cast their net wide on our behalf.
Rikke Rasmussen
Communications Excellence Manager,
Microsoft Ltd, UK

AAI Profiler

If you would like us to contact you please email
Tania Zimmermann