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AAI Mutual Decision™
Expert advice on choosing the right agency

AAI Evaluator
An advanced relationship management optimisation tool for diagnosis, evaluation and monitoring

AAI Troubleshooter
Rapid response relationship management in crisis situations

AAI Remunerator
Innovative performance-based remuneration solutions

AAI International Ad Management
Consultancy on building an optimum operating system based on our unrivalled international experience

AAI Training and Coaching
Tailor-made courses and workshops to support professional standards and spread best practice
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Read David Wethey's blog: Making Better Decisions Better! http://www.makingbetterdecisionsbetter.co.uk/ Marketing Society blog: http://blog.marketing-soc.org.uk/tag/david-wethey
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AAI Training and Coaching
For many years, AAI has been involved in working with the industry to improve standards and spread best practice. It is a logical consequence of working with clients interested in maximising the performance of their agencies.

For 17 years we devised and ran day-long workshops for ISBA (The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers) in the UK, coaching delegates on a wide variety of agency-related issues - including selection, briefing, motivation, remuneration and campaign management. We've also undertaken an in-depth analysis of the in-house training programmes at several major fmcg companies. We have consulted with almost 100 agency experts. We've turned this experience into a series of proven 'best practices' which we now offer clients around the world in bespoke courses.

These can be one-day events or a series, and can be either workshop-based or conducted on a one-to-one- basis. They're interactive and informal (and generally at your place).

We'll tailor a session that could take your team through every topic from selection to motivation; from briefing to evaluating creative; and from contract to remuneration. An agenda like that sounds intensive, but will be based on your team's needs and experience.

If you'd like to know more, contact David Wethey or Tania Zimmerman at AAI - and click here for a detailed checklist of the topics we can cover.

Mike Cleary
Senior Consultant



AAI Profiler

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Tania Zimmermann

-the management course in international advertising that AAI designed and delivered was crisp, effective, and authoritative and didn't stray from the tight focus I wanted it to have...it has raised our level of creative delivery.
Dee Dutta,