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Consultancy on building an optimum operating system based on our unrivalled international experience

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AAI International Ad Management
Undoubtedly international advertising management is both different, and difficult. At AAI we've used our international experience - unique among our peers - to examine why this is so, and to devise a practical methodology to help the established international marketer or the fast-growing newcomer to achieve:

• The best possible creative product everywhere (even if that does not mean the same everywhere)
• The best possible relationship and process with agency centrally
• Efficient and effective regional and market operations
• Good value, plus leveraged remuneration

How do we do this? In our view (a view supported by having run over two dozen global pitches and 15 international management assignments), the key to success lies less in the creative approach than in the operating system that will support it. Get the system right, and the variety of advertising creative strategies on offer should be able to run on it. Get it wrong, and none will.

Using our client list and our unique global network of affiliates weıve codified the various different operating systems commonly in use worldwide, and devised a proprietary toolkit to help identify which might be best for you. For many clients entering new markets or embarking on a new international advertising strategy itıs a valuable starting point, and you can see a summary here.

Based on this experience we can recommend which operating model will probably suit your requirements best; or, if you already have a successful system in place, we can show you which agencies can be best relied on to work to it.

Of course, owing to the complexity of many international assignments, AAI frequently assist our clients not just to devise a viable strategy but to help you ¨get the show on the roadı.

- David Wethey

To find out more contact David Wethey at davidw@agencyassessments.com



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AAI have handled a number of assignments for Cadbury Schweppes in recent years. Their knowledge of the international agency world has stood us in good stead, and they are valued advisers. Nick Fell,
President Global Commercial Strategy
Cadbury Schweppes