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AAI Mutual Decision™
Expert advice on choosing the right agency

AAI Evaluator
An advanced relationship management optimisation tool for diagnosis, evaluation and monitoring

AAI Troubleshooter
Rapid response relationship management in crisis situations

AAI Remunerator
Innovative performance-based remuneration solutions

AAI International Ad Management
Consultancy on building an optimum operating system based on our unrivalled international experience

AAI Training and Coaching
Tailor-made courses and workshops to support professional standards and spread best practice
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AAI Evaluator
Managing a successful client/agency relationship requires a dynamic mutual measurement system
AAI Evaluator is an advanced relationship management optimisation tool for diagnosis, evaluation and monitoring.

AAI are the pioneers of relationship management consultancy in the advertising communications industry. Our proprietary systems facilitate regular and mutual evaluation, monitoring and feedback, all of which are vital for optimising the productivity and efficiency of client/agency relationships.

With the recent introduction of Evaluator, we have significantly upgraded our capability. It is a highly advanced online tool which can be tailored to meet your precise requirements.

Some clients are using Evaluator as a diagnostic tool to get a snapshot of their agency relationships and flush out potential problem areas. Others use it to build and maintain a finely-tuned relationship based on best practice, or as a real time campaign management tool.

Regardless of your priorities, Evaluator delivers a structured overview of the issues that concern you. We offer consultancy on how best to address them. The result is that you have complete control of your agency relationships and know exactly what to do to maintain optimal performance. The benefits are superb communications for the brand, leaving you to focus on growing your business rather than wrestling with the status quo.

Here's how Evaluator adds real value to your business:
  • Our proprietary ‘Skills Set' approach ensures a genuinely mutual comparison of client and agency (as their departments rarely mirror one another), and encourages invaluable feedback from the agency
  • The 180° approach means an honest and in-depth analysis of the relationship from all angles (client on agency, agency on client)
  • Its flexibility allows a bespoke structure and questions to be created and weighted to reflect your business needs, meaning that the most important issues receive the most attention
  • Online questionnaire makes it ideal for matrix organisations; multi-site, muti-brand, multi-team, enabling valuable comparisons across brands, markets, agencies etc.
  • It is both quantitative and qualitative. We use hard data but we also read between the lines by undertaking follow face-to-face interviews. This means that we are deep diving to really understand the dynamics of the agency and client relationship.
  • Manual calculations, comparisons and report writing are removed as Evaluator automatically collates qualitative commentaries, aggregates quantitative scores, and provides gap analysis and reports. Agreed action plans are available online and form the basis of evaluation next time round
  • We use two indices to simplify and measure the overall health of the relationship.

    AAI Evaluator
  • Critically using data/findings to set KPI’s for payment by performance

AAI Profiler

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