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AAI Mutual Decision™
Expert advice on choosing the right agency

AAI Evaluator
An advanced relationship management optimisation tool for diagnosis, evaluation and monitoring

AAI Troubleshooter
Rapid response relationship management in crisis situations

AAI Remunerator
Innovative performance-based remuneration solutions

AAI International Ad Management
Consultancy on building an optimum operating system based on our unrivalled international experience

AAI Training and Coaching
Tailor-made courses and workshops to support professional standards and spread best practice
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Why use outside help?
True, not everyone does. But AAI will provide real focus to your agency relationships, and maximise the value you'll derive. How?
1) AAI keeps tabs on agencies, so you don’t have to. More ›

Changing your agency, or agency relationship, may be a commercial necessity, but these days it’s difficult to undertake, hard to achieve, and of course, inherently risky.

2) AAI minimises the risk of change. More ›

3) AAI minimises the cost of changing your agency.

Of course, if we can see ways to retrieve or repair your existing relationship, we will.

4) AAI maximizes the value you get from your existing agency. More ›

5) AAI provide real focus to your agency relationship. More ›

AAI Profiler

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Tania Zimmermann


We had a view on the UK agency landscape, but AAI added context and depth that we would never have known. The pitch process itself was rigorous and challenging, resulting in the appointment of an agency who will take the brand forward successfully.
Sarah Heynen, Marketing Controller (ex) BULMERS