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AAI Mutual Decision™
Expert advice on choosing the right agency

AAI Evaluator
An advanced relationship management optimisation tool for diagnosis, evaluation and monitoring

AAI Troubleshooter
Rapid response relationship management in crisis situations

AAI Remunerator
Innovative performance-based remuneration solutions

AAI International Ad Management
Consultancy on building an optimum operating system based on our unrivalled international experience

AAI Training and Coaching
Tailor-made courses and workshops to support professional standards and spread best practice
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What Our Clients Say About Us
We had a view on the UK agency landscape, but AAI added context and depth that we would never have known. The pitch process itself was rigorous and challenging, resulting in the appointment of an agency who will take the brand forward successfully.
Sarah Heynen, Marketing Controller

We value AAI's objectivity and complete impartiality to the agency marketplace, which ensures they cast their net wide on our behalf.
Rikke Rasmussen, Communications Excellence Manager,
Microsoft Ltd,UK

We've used AAI to help us on two seperate occasions to find both an advertising agency and a PR agency who would be capable of getting under the skin of our business and really becoming part of the team. On both occasions they have found us groups of people who would have been way off our radar, but have been absolutely perfect for our needs and continue to make a huge contribution to our business.
Ginny Hicks,UK Marketing Director,

AAI's counsel and industry knowledge throughout the pitch process for our Cup a Soup and Supernoodles brands was invaluable. That, combined with a great process and a very dedicated team of professionals meant that we got an excellent agency within a remarkably short and pressurised time period.
Tim Perman, Marketing Director

We can rely on AAI’s live casebook to ensure we work with our agencies at keen rates and under best practice terms.
Karen Dennis, Marketing Operations

AAI have handled a number of assignments for Cadbury Schweppes in recent years. Their knowledge of the international agency world has stood us in good stead, and they are valued advisers.
Nick Fell, President Global Commercial Strategy
Cadbury Schweppes

The management course in international advertising that AAI designed and delivered was crisp, effective, and authoritative and didn't stray from the tight focus I wanted it to have...it has raised our level of creative delivery.
Dee Dutta

The nature of our formal OJEC tender procedure meant we were inundated with creative, media and PR agency submissions. Working with AAI we were able to apply robust screening criteria to select our pitch list, followed by a fair and even-handed selection process. We are delighted with the results we have achieved.
Steve Trigg, Purchasing Manager

AAI Profiler

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